Sickening ft. Detroit Che

from by Jaye Prime

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Verse I:
I came up on that Westside, feels like I’ll never leave;
Except for when I get high—feels like I’ll never sleep.
I cash out on that new shit to make myself believe:
I’d pass out if I blew this…guess that’s what’s true to me.
Arm right out the window…make sure these niggas see,
When tuitions on my wrist & I been thrifting through the D.
It gets different when your interests aren’t meant for who you meet.
You’ll be fine, just split the swisher…
Til I’m paid, I’m always free
Living better. Better…
Until I’m paid, I’m always free.
You’ll be fine, just split the swisher…
Til I’m paid, I’m always free.
Don’t worry bout a thing, cause you know…

My niggas & I, shut it down like it’s ninety-nine
Ninety-nine, oh [x2]

Verse II:
If a nigga ain’t talking bout cash, he ain’t talking bout shit.
If a nigga ain’t headed nowhere, can’t hop in whip.
Real niggas don’t play around here.
Know nigga got a through k’s around here.
Shot on Chicago boulevard…
Niggas drop everyday round here.
Gucci on the wrist, tryna get the ‘Yota.
Splurge at the thrift, when a nigga get the dough, though.
Came with the squad—super packed in a four door.
Pay me if you wanna see a nigga at the show, though.
I’ll never mind if you never mind me…
Cause in fine getting mine, getting paid, getting high.
Living better. Better…
So gon & split the swisher for me baby.
Don’t worry bout a thing.
You be fine, just split the swisher…
Til I’m paid, I’m always free.
Don’t worry bout a thing Because…


Now gone & split the swisher for me baby..
For me, for me, for me…
Don’t worry. No…
Roll for me… (Roll)
Slow for me… (Slow)
Oh. For me, oh….
It’s sickening.

Verse III: Detroit Che
What is life for a Queen like me?
Puffing on L’s while I’m sipping iced tea.
Sick of you niggas that’s jocking our slang…
Next niggas gon try to steal our steez.
Stupid ass nigga, you a fish outta water.
How the hell you gon flood somebody?
Same nigga said he never was on my boat…
I’m sick of nobodies tryna be somebody.
I hear the shit that you mumble about…
I hear the shit that you mumble about.
I heard niggas say that I’m arrogant…
Same lame ain’t got a damn thing to be humble about
That’s why…
I get it, I get it (I get it, I get it)
I get it, I get it…
They love when you nameless, but hate when you famous.
The feeling is sickening—I get it, I get it.
But I could never be a fucking hater.
How the fuck could that be possible when I be elevated?
Motivating all these motherfuckers that’s hibernation.
Devastated by these statements.
Who ain’t saying we the greatest?
Nigga, you know like I know.
Mention our names & we flooding yo shows.
Sicker than syphilis—spitting the illest shit.
Sick of you niggas who hate on my loccs.


For the nine-nine (For the nine-nine) [x4]


from Thirty Hour Theory, released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Jaye Prime Detroit, Michigan

Able Mind.

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